Medical Teas

  • Anti Diabet

    As an additional therapy of diabetes for centuries used medicinal plants with an obligatory diet. Gvanidin derived from the pods of beans are good medicine for the treatment of diabetes and domestic scientists have served as a model for the synthesis of certain drugs for the treatment of diabetes. List of present arbutozid blueberries used in the treatment of diabetes, and more recently in the west and in Phytotherapy, this disease much apreciates leaf of black mulberry.Reduction in blood glucose is attributed to neomyrtillin, myrtillin and chromium in the list of blueberries, and is therefore used to treat diabetes the second degree, while birch acts as diruetik and so stimulates the secretion of sugar in the urine.

  • Fit Slim

    The active ingredients of medicinal herbs in this tea influence on improving the functions of the digestive tract and increased fat metabolism in a manner that accelerate intestinal peristalsis and loss of fluid from digested fats. The active ingredients of certain herbs (senna, fennel) accelerate the process of metabolism, clean the body and reduce swelling in the stomach, while others stimulate digestion and kidney functions (birch and elder) and thus eliminate toxic substances. It is known that polyphenols from some plants are very strong antioxidants, and green tea contains the greatest amount of polyphenols (300 - 400 mg per cup), which reduces blood fat, triglycerides and cholesterol, and thus the risk of blood circulatory diseases and arteriosclerosis.

  • Anti Stres

    Valerian is a very old, non-toxic, safe and used a lot to soothe the nervous system. It helps heart issues too. Curative drugs is based mainly on the anticonvulsant effect antispazmods bornilizovaleriants which are in the essential oil. And because it is used for hysterical states, excitement, insomnia, migraine ... Also essential oil of lemon balm seems slightly calming, antiflatulence, nausea and vomiting, as mint oil, while the essential oil ahilein milfoil further strengthens the body. This tea should drink after dinner instead of water all the people who are hysterical, nervous and have a restless sleep.

  • Anti Cholesterol

    Ingredients: Plantain leaf, couch grass rhizome, nettle root, fenugreek seed, black mulberry leaf, yarrow plant

  • Digestiv

    Fennel contains essential oil, a pleasant characteristic odor, sweet taste with the main ingredient ANETOL acting in better digestion, anti-gas, bloating, and has antiseptic power, and anyone whose main constituent CARVONE. Nana is used as pleasant, mild and harmless cure for gas, bloating and severe digestion, which is attributed to tannins contained in this herb, chamomile tea is used as pain and abdominal cramps and in severe welding. Using Chamomile to facilitate digestion, removes gas and the related boring flatulence and interference with digestive system. Yarrow, and its essential oil and tannins enhance digestion and can be used on a daily basis. Because content AHILENA beneficial effect on inflammation and ulcers in the stomach, bloating and chronic prison.

  • Meno Herbal

    From local aromatic herbs to edit your period it is used with mild calming effect as they are in this tea - thyme, chamomile, lemon balm. Mitigation and reduction of pain and outflows during the period have the best effect of a bitter herb that is. Those containing tannic and bitter substances heterozide which, in this centaurium umbellatum , eaf and yarrow.

  • Bronhicum

    Medicinal plants from this tea has in itself mucus and similar mucilage matter, certain essential oils, pleasant scent and antiseptic power, and some heterozides saponizdes ekspektoral attribute and other useful chemical compounds that help ease expectoration, plantain leaf and pine needles are acting against inflammation mucous membranes, enhance secretion of fluid in the lungs and thus facilitate expectoration of thick dry mucus from the respiratory organs. Rtanj tea due to phenolic compounds used to treat respiratory organs and has a strong antiseptic effect.

  • Anti Hipertenziv

    Ingredients: Hawthorn flower and leaf, valerian root, yarrow herb, pomegranate fruit, birch leaf,
    thyme herb, white mistletoe plant.

  • Procirkulin

    Tea to improve circulation and heart. Hawthorn contains flavonic glycosides, sterols and catechins that improve blood circulation in heart muscle and thereby increase the force of contraction. Red Hawthorn is cardiotonic, vasodilator, and hipotenziv beneficial effect in elderly heart arrhythmias, high blood pressure, arteriosclerosis and others. Valerian contains active substances called valepotrijats acting sedative to the central and vegetative nervous system, while valeric acid works relaxing muscles thus lowering the pressure, reducing anxiety and establishing a normal heartbeat. Leonurus Cardiaca is sedative and antispasmolitic and slows down the contraction of the heart and is useful in so-called neuroses and mild hypertension which can be attributed to the lemon balm. Horsetail contains saponins which is a diuretic and as such, lowers blood pressure and increases circulation.