• Mint Tea

    Mint is usefull as pleasant, mild and harmless sedative, against cramps, convulsions and digestion problems. It can be
    consumed during the day, but specialy in the evening for pleasant and calm sleeping

  • Chamomile Tea

    Camomile tea can be consumed as the drink, but for the external use also. Antiinflammativ effect of camomile components is
    usefull in treating skin and mucous membrane inflammations, burns,wounds and furuncles, for rinsing sored areas and throat. It is
    specialy convinient for children and babies, against convulsions and as sedative. It eliminates gases from stomach and makes
    digesting easier.

  • Linden Tea

    This tea is vary popular remedy which provoke perspiration in different cases of influence and against diarhea. In combination
    with other herbs is usefull against convulsions and for elimination of different kinds of pain as very mild remedy.

  • Elder Tea

    As a hot tea can be used against different kinds of influence to provoke perspiration and in combination with other tea can be
    used as laxative and for coughing out the secretion.

  • Hibiscus Tea

    Hibiscus is great natural source of vitamin C, K, P and lemon acid, so that is an exelent remedy in cases of mentioned vitamines
    defficite and in combination with other vitamin herbs it has charitable effects for reconvalescents, old persons ond during
    postoperative phases.

  • Tea From Rtanj Mountain

    This tea has an expressive antiseptic effect in treating respiratory organs, digesting organs and as
    laxative. In case of external use for treating different kinds of skin and mucous membrane inflammations

  • St John's Tea

    Klamath weed has been used during the centuries as an exellent remedy for external use in treating
    injuries, burns, hemorhoids, wounds as an antiseptic, and as a drink in treating stomach pain, agains
    diarhea and pain in liver, etc. It also has a strong anti depressive effect so that is very usefull in cases of
    moderate depressions.

  • Lemon Balm Tea

    This tea is specialy usefull in combination with mint tea as sedative so that is most effective in the
    evening after the meal and specially for persons who have sleeping problems. It also eliminates gases
    from stomach what enables calm and pleasant sleeping.

  • Nettle Tea

    As tea is usefull in treating the anemia, but also in treating diarhea and weakness, rheumatism and
    kidney stone. In case of external use in treating of hair felling out.

  • Dog Rose Tea

    Mixture is natural vitamin tea. It is usefull in prevention treatment of easier cases of anemia and
    hipovitaminoses. Due to encreased contents of vitamin C and P, and very pleasant flavour and color, it is
    usefull as tonic, specially for reconvalescents, old persons and for influence

  • Tea For Children

    Mixture has mild antiinflammatory and antimicrobic effect, so that is usefull specially for children
    in treating stomach convulsions and winds.

  • Hawthorn

    Mixture is recomended in treating initial hart insufficience, specially coronary, deterioreted hart
    function which occures to old persons, heart area pressure and easier kinds of disturbance of heart

  • Yarrow

    Mixture is amaro-aromated drink which is specially usefull as a remedy for improving the apetite,
    also for gastro-intestinal disturbances which appears as digestion prpoblems and also for gall

  • Pectoral Herb Tea

    Tea mixture with expressive emolient, antiinflammatory and antimicrobic effect. Recommended
    for upper respiratory organs inflammation and facilitate forms of bronchitis. Beside of mentioned, it is
    usefull in ejecting mucous secretion.

  • Camomile With Propolis

    Mixture of camomile and propolis has expressive antiinflammatory, antimicrobic and spasmolitic
    effects, so that is usefull in treating upper respiratory organs inflammation, different kinds of stomach
    and intestinal difficulties and also menstrual difficulties, for rinsing up the mouth and throath, in
    treating skin diseases and as compress.

  • Senna Tea

    Excellent remedy against chronic constipation. It is usefull for eliminating the pain in
    heart area in cases of gathering of air in stomach, dismenorea and colics of gallblader

  • Marsh Mallow Tea

    Tea is very popular as a remedy for treating respiratory and throat inflammations. It is
    usefull for rinsing up the throath and nose.

  • Mother of Thyme Tea

    Thyme tea is exellent pleasant and harmless conservans, with strong antimicrobic effect so
    that is usefull in cases of diarhea, intestinal parasites and other infective diseases. Wide
    antimicrobic spectar of thyme is also usefull in treating upper respiratory organs inflammation
    and cough.

  • Bearberry Tea

    Bearberry leaves is specially usefull in treating of urinary organs diseases,
    inflammation of urinary tubes and bladder, as a auxilliary remedy with other medicines. It
    has mild and diuretic effect.

  • Sage Tea

    Sage is one of oldest medicine herbs which is usefull for rinsing up the mouth and throat,
    makes stronger the mucous memebrane and has antiseptic and antiinflammation effect. For
    external use in cases of excessive perspiration for fat persons, in cases of hart diseases and also
    perspiration of legs and hands.

  • Black Tea

    Tea strongs body and mind, makes to fill good and stimulates to work.
    Those effects come from containing coffein and tannin. It is usefull as tonic,
    stimulans, easy diuretic etc.

  • Green Tea

    The main effect of green tea, as well as all other beverages containing caffeine, is to increase alertness and cognitive capacity. Antioxidants in green tea are several dozen times more effective than vitamins C and E, which are considered good antioxidants. Antioxidants fight free radicals and thus help fight aging. They also prevent the formation and spread of malignant cells (cancer cells). Green tea disinfects the oral cavity and prevents infection. Due to the presence of theophylline, green tea relaxes the bronchi, so it has been used in asthma, bronchitis. According to some studies, the use of coffee, tea and other caffeinated beverages reduces the risk of developing Parkinson's disease.